Tea Room

This place needs something to lift up the mood and atmosphere.
Probably a party or an event.
Cannot stand quiet place.
Typical Asian me.

What should I blog next?

Gloomy Fall

Weather aint that good these days.
Went back to Uni this morning and noticed the changes around.
The best way to show is through pictures.
(phone pics again)

Out to play.

Drove all the way down south for a birthday celebration weeks ago.
We stopped by at miniature village for some photos.
There's a playground in the middle of that village and a tea room at the entrance.
Spent most of our morning in the playground.
I guess to us,
the most interesting thing in the village is the playground.

Will post some pictures of the tea room soon.

have a great weekend!

Mother Nature

Sunset and Sunrise.
These pictures were taken when I was in the car either going to uni or on the way home.
Some pictures are quite blur as we have to drive at 70km/h on some roads.
All pictures were taken with the phone.
Wish I brought an actual camera out.