It's all about Food

I'm heading to Malaysia and hopefully, 
Thailand for three weeks celebrating Chinese New Year with my relatives.
Won't be able to blog as I'm leaving the computer in Perth.
Will be back in February for my graduation ceremony and also to find a better blog skin + header.
Please bear with this plain skin for now :)

Some pictures from last week where my friends and I had a very early Chinese New Year dinner together in a Japanese Restaurant in Francis St, Northbridge and then to a nearby cafe for drinks + games.

Crispy Sushi.

Teriyaki Chicken.

Fried Chicken stuffed with cheese.

Spicy Miso Fish.

Orange Juice + Chocolate Shake and angry birds.


It's quite difficult to hit the pigs! We gave up after one game.

The Ugly Doll game.

Next morning's breakfast with the bestie. Iced Chai + Big breakfast.

Lunch with the family.

Sticky Date Pudding + Lemon Lime Bitters
Stuffed Mushrooms.


Something completely out of topic- 
The book that inspired me to travel more.

That's all.
See you guys in three weeks!
Happy Chinese New Year.

Shopping in Nepal

Spent the last days shopping + eating around the City.
Love the street markets all along the Stupa and the square.
We also had dinner in Dad's friends' house where we had yoghurt made from Buffalo Milk. 
They follow strict tradition where guests and the elders are to have dinner together while the younger ones have to wait for their turns. 
Really unusual and unexpected.
Here are some pictures that I took of the food and the markets whilst waiting for Mom to bargain with the seller.