A lil Bit of Nature


Some flowery pictures taken when I was in Araluen Botanic Park.
 A perfect place for family outings/picnic but could be crowded on Sundays.
Expected to see some tulips but they were all gone thanks to the weird weather. 
Roses were in full bloom tho. 
Will be back next year this time (maybe earlier) for tulips!


On Sunday, I went for a walk in Kings Park after a heavy brunch in Catalanos Vic Park, swam and then spent 15 minutes in the steam room/sauna in Fitness First. (I don't remember when was the last time I exercised.) I love to eat more than exercise hence it was a good workout for my body and heart! :) 
 The original plan was to grab a cup of coffee and light sandwich but my friend said that her boss loves this restaurant-ended up having food there for the first time :)

Salmon Fettuccine Pasta- not too cheesy and heavy. Just nice!

Mango Chicken Salad- the chicken + mango sauce = yum!
 We couldn't swim straight after consuming the food therefore walking in Kings Park was the best option.

Perth city view.

Sitting down on the lawn with my friend reminiscing our high school years.

Photo Diary from Margaret River

On the road! Weather wasn't good for swimming or standing by the beach! grrrrr!
'Sunset' view from Canal Rocks.
The famous Busselton Jetty.
Crunchy nut +cold milk before bed.
Next day @ Margeret River in Voyager Estate. Had no wine but walked around their beautiful garden!
Rose garden.
Perth City should have a garden like this to attract people like me! :)

Stopped by Dome for some late lunch (all the other shops were closed!) and that's what I had. Was so hungry I could eat a cow.

Good weather at Eagle Bay but water's still cold as ice. :(
Wild Strawberry yoghurt for Breakfast.

English Breakfast yum yum!

Toby Inlet's back garden. There's a river behind these trees.

Sugar Loaf Rock on the end of Sugar Loaf Road.

Yummy Chocolate Tart from Dunsborough Bake Shop.
Spent two days in Dunsborough as we scored a good deal on Scoopon where we paid half the price to stay in Toby Inlet Bed and Breakfast. The trip wasn't the best as we don't know how to appreciate what the region offers- wine, cheese, olives etc.
But our purpose of going there were to unwind and relax by the beautiful beaches and most importantly, runaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. (Although the traffic + population + sky scrapers @ my country are far more worst than here!) These are some pictures that I took with my Iphone as I left the beloved camera at home.


Here are some pictures of various desserts/sweets that I had no chance to write about in the past weeks. Most of them were uploaded on Instagram which I am currently active + addicted to! :)

Green Tea Mooncake and Indonesian Layer Cake from a friend's mom who came to visit Perth. Oriental shops in Perth do sell Mooncakes but they are OVERPRICED.
Cakes from Carvers Burswood.

 A day spent with my cousin sisters- Macarons from Choux Cafe Swanbourne + Opera cake and Chocolate cake from Koko Black.
Takeaway Macarons cost less that Dining in @ Choux Cafe.

The frothiest cappucino ever @choux Cafe. Sipping coffee in their mini garden!

Green Tea Mochi Ice Cream bought from the local Korean Supermarket HiMart.

Birthday Dinner (vegetarian) with Family. Cake from Utopia. Yes, the bubble tea place!

Another Birthday Dinner with childhood friends @ Tiger Lil. Desserts weren't good at all (too sweet, too sour and tasteless!)
Chocolate Pudding from Jean Pierre Sancho.

Neapolitan ice cream + Corn Flakes + Milo Cereal yums!

Ribena + Lemon Iced Drink @ Hawker place in Northbridge.

Another visit to San Churro but this time, in Freo. Dark Chocolate flourless cake, Churros and chocolate drinks!
Drive thru McDonald Dounble Choc Fudge Mcflurry!