After so many years of studying, I've finally graduated! *gone and dusted*
Here's some pictures of my graduation night which started off with photo shoots with friends and family and ended with Fireworks plus more photos with friends.

Among the crowd, Mesha sat beside me.

Judy the bear.

Group mates (there were four of us. the other two graduating next semester :))

My sisters. They wore heels hence I felt a wee bit short! LOL

BFF from high school.

With the twins- Steven and Allen.
with Pauline :)

My left eye were slightly swollen (lived without a double eye lid for a month) and I had to leave the country the next morning for a minor eye surgery. 
Now the eye's getting better and the double eye lid's back!

All in one- Miri, Bintulu, Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh.

Cousin Sister and Me.
After staying in Kuching for two nights, I flew to Bintulu and drove to Miri. 
The roads were so bumpy and uneven it gave me a headache.
Most of the stores/ restaurants were shut cause of Chinese New Year :(
On a bright side, felt good to be back there with friends reminiscing the good old times.
Note to them: It's about time you guys come over to my place! (5 years and still counting...)

Miri Kolo Mee.

Miri's Laksa- way better than salty Kuching's Laksa LOL.
 Back in Ipoh with the Family for the first 4 days of Chinese New Year (CNY) was death.
Mom was so strict about our dressings and safety- shorts were banned, wasn't allowed to bring my camera out in public etc etc.
No black stuff on the first day of CNY 
(I changed my outfit three times because 'mom the stylist' reckons it's not red RED.)
Was delighted to meet my long-time-no-see cousins although I missed out on Dad's side this year as Grandpa was away in KL when I was in Ipoh.
Phone didn't like the weather and decided to stop functioning for the entire trip.

Yumcha-ed with the cousins near Grand Mother's place.
Dragon Fruit and brother's weird colorful drink.

Grandma's house

Sisters getting ready for the night.

High School Mates and Bro (left).

Yee sang (A staple dish on CNY)
 KL was all about good food, fish spa, foot massages and tons of shopping.
I like it when I buy heaps of stuff in a store and the sales girl gives me free this and that. 
Makes me happy. LOL.

Had sashimi everyday (too expensive in Perth)- got sick of taking pictures of them.
Watched loads of movies (It's easier to get movie tickets in KL compared to Ipoh.)
Got ripped off by taxi drivers so badly it wasn't a good experience.

California roll.

Dragon Roll. (The one at Sushi Bento in Carousel's tasted better than this hehe!)

Salmon and Avocado salad.

Aburi Zanmai- assorted broiled sushi of salmon, scallop, prawn, cuttlefish, omelette with cod roe, oyster.
Eel roll

Choco Banana Parfait (vanilla& chocolate ice-cream with cookie crunch, corn flakes and chocolate sauce topped with banana.)
Bak Kut Teh Pan Mee + Chinese Herbal Tea (wasn't feeling well) from the underground food court in Starhill.


My favorite bear of all. :)

Love the tummy.

 Watched the Piranha feeding session in KLCC Aquarium. Wasn't that bad compared to the movie.

Sashimi for tea.

Sushi again for Dinnerrrrrr. yums!

Kimchi + cucumber roll.

My portion of fish bento.

Mango + silver fish.

Four Season Beans.

Shanghai juicy dumplings.

Three layered pork was so good!

Believe it or not, more Japanese food. =.=

Green Tea Latte from Kim Gary Times Square.

Curry Chicken that made me felt ill! So ill.

Didn't bother to head out for dinner on the last night in KL hence, room service.
 After 5 days in KL it was time to visit the doctor and get some rest.
Spent some time with brother playing the vintage Super Mario Game on the old Nintendo.
Left Malaysia with a heavy heart.

I thought to publish all of the pictures in one post as I don't have time to blog.
My Graduation's tomorrow night and I'm leaving for Malaysia again early morning on Sunday for 5 days.(no more heavy heart woots!)
I'll be praying for two on-time departures!
No more nightmares in the airport!
I'll be back in a week.