Long lost blogger is back!

I've been M.I.A for quite awhile now. *apologies*
Here's a quick post about my trip to Singapore.

Skyscraper Sunset.
Shopping, window shopping and walking non stop.

Asian food is still the best especially when it's affordable!
Gonna bore you guys with heaps of food pics. 

Juicy Dumplings XD

American Breakfast + Nasi Lemak + Chinese coffee.

mmmmm.... sushiiiii

Ramen, rainbow roll and sashimi = LOVE!

Banana chocolate cake + Lychee tea for Dessert!

My favorite breakfast combo. (half boiled eggs, kaya toast and Chinese coffee).
Me sipping on Green Tea + red bean + rice bubble tea whilst resting the FEET.

More sashimi

Manicure thanks to nailpop for the idea.

Dinner :))))
The coffee place that you can't find in AUSTRALIA. :(

Met up with bestie :)
Three layered pork yum yum!

Chilli Crab! Haven't had this for years and years and years!

Visited Universal Studio in the worst weather ever. Humid and hot. :(


Bought my favorite phone accessory ever! :)

On the clouds again flying towards home :(