Birthday Lunch.

Celebrated my birthday in Modo Mio Cucina Italiana at Burswood with some friends two weeks ago. Didn't have time to blog about it because I was busy with studies. Well, I like the ambiance of that place. Food was expensive (Fine dining) considering that I'm still a student but the experience was worth it. My birthday cakes were these two! :)))

Pineapple cheesecake.

I prefer the pineapple cheesecake because the pineapple was sweet and juicy while cheesecake was soft and yummy! Tiramisu wasn't bad either but since it's my birthday, I like something sweet rather than bitter! :)

Will blog about the 2nd birthday dinner with another group of friends soon :)

San Churro :)

Hi guys! 
I'm back from two weeks of running between work, uni and birthday celebrations. 

Yesterday night, my close friends from Malaysia (knew them when I was 10 years old!) and I went for a dinner to celebrate Jason's and Jia Min's birthday (two days apart from each other.) and also to catch up because Catherine's leaving for Malaysia tonight!

We went for Chinese cuisine (Butter Prawns, Hainanese Chicken and Fuzhou Tofu. yumyum!) in Northbridge and then desserts in a Spanish Chocolate Cafe called San Churro.

From left: Catherine, Jason and Jia Min
Peanut Butter Cake and a pot of milk chocolate couverture to dip with.

The top part's cheese and it's so soft.
See! So soft it's gonna fall!
Churros for 1 with a pot of melted couverture milk chocolate and a sprinkle of cinnamon powder.

Happily Eating :)
I always feel the difference when I'm out with people whom I knew for almost my entire life compared to new friends. We communicate differently and the topics we talk about are different as well.
The warmth and laughters never fail to remind me that I'm SO lucky to have my closest childhood friends with me, in Perth. xx

Last Friday at the Markets

Pomegranate and green apple froyo.

Spent a wonderful afternoon in Fremantle with my family.
Had Ramen and frozen yoghurt (Froyo) from Redspoon.
(They change the flavours all the time!)
And I like how they have free testings before you buy a cup of Froyo!

A dose of...

 As a dessert lover, I was told that I must try  Sherbet Cafe's wide selection of cakes.
I was also told that they change their menu everyday! 
(Which means more visits to Sherbet!)

So off we went for brunch + dessert.
Honestly, I am not familiar with that Suburb and in fact, it was my first time there!
Took us so long to reach (missed some turns)- thank god for GPS (another life saver!) 

Loving the Vintage Decorations

We had- Roast butternut squash fritata with basil and feta, Ham & Cheese Croissant, Chocolate Almond Cake, Orange Juice and a cup of Cappucino.

Swirly Froth!
 For dessert,

Chocolate Almond Cake- Three layers of chocolate cake filled with crunchy praline, smooth chocolate buttercream covered with ganache.
To compare them with franchise cafes and to name a few- Dome, Gloria Jeans, McCafe etc, we were delighted that their cakes are not as 'sweet' and bloating as them, it tasted exactly like what my mom would bake- less sugary cake.
I also suggest to follow their Facebook page since they change their menu daily.
(they update everyday!)  
Stay tuned for more posts on my second visit to Sherbet Cafe.