Namo Buddha Pt 1

On the road to Namo Buddha


This is how they sell meat at night.
Well, this is not the worst where they only have a candlelight as the light source.

We drove past mountains, hills, paddy fields etc.

Namo Buddha.
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The prayer wheel.

Lunch for the first day on Namo Buddha:
Vegetables, Potatoes, Dahl and Indian yoghurt!
Loved it!

Walked around, learnt the history of this place and enjoyed the view of the world tallest Mountain.

Kathmandu Pt 2

Baudha Stupa and Surrondings

Baudha Stupa is one of the largest Stupa in the world.
It is very crowded too.
It's so large that my family and I got lost every time we walk around the stupa. (kora).
We had to stand at one spot and wait for the siblings to walk past us.
Let me tell you! We took so long just to wait!

The first time we waited, we felt impatient and headed for tea and dinner.
The second time, mom shopped and waited.
(She definitely killed two birds with one stone.)

She stood outside of the shops which surrounded the STUPA because when my brother sees her, he will run up to her which alerts the sisters.

Walk up a stairs, you will see the shops that surround the Stupa.

Tibetan Lung- ta, I was taught to pronounce it as Longtak, 飞马旗。 (below).

Here are some information about the Longtak, if you're interested; please click.

My family's tradition (Dad's rule must obey!):

On the first day of Chinese New Year, daddy will wake us up very early in the morning for breakfast in Bukit Merah Mamak.
Then, we'll go go to the market and buy live stock for release life.
He'll picked fishes, birds, squirrels, frogs etc.
Then, we'll have prayers in the temple and we'll hang new longtaks with sponsors' name written on it.

After that, he'll be VERY happy and satisfied and he'll bring us home to shower and then off to Grandpa's house for lunch.

I was told that Nepali farmers don't use pesticides on their crops.
Hence, everything is organic + very cheap!

Indian Flowers (above).
Window shopping (below).

Entrance to the Stupa.

A Tibetan monastry

Roof Top view from the Cafe.

Mom, with bro talking non stop!


I promised to tell the story of Baudha Stupa and here it is.

Lama Lodro who was with us half of the trip (our story teller since young!) told us that,
Long long long long time ago, there's a woman that loved his husband so much.
One day, he passed away.
She cried and cried and cried and cried.
Then she asked the king for a piece of land to bury his body.
The king asked her how big she wants it?
she said: "as big as a cow."
Then the king said, "SO small? ok lah, give u la." LOL.

But the woman was very clever.
She cuts the cow's skin as thin as a thread and surrounded the land.
(means the land that got covered's hers.)
And she called her sons. (I think she has two sons.)
They carried the stones and built this stupa.
It lasted until now.

Baudha Stupa can fulfill your wishes.
Whatever you wish for, it will come true.
So fly there and make a wish people!!!

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