Triple Js.

Ze hair is growing fast!


Jia Min.

Italian breakfast with the friend some weeks ago. :)
Mango cake with soup of the day.

Breakfast by the Sea

We were so bored we drove all the way to the beach again for breakfast.
This time I took some pics of the types of macaroons available in that shop. There's one that we bought which tasted like hand cream. Super ewwwwwww can die! But the others were awesomely awesome.
Ofcourse we did not only had macaroons. I bought tomato soup with bread while my friend bought Salmon puff pastry in a super long italian word which I don't remember.
The only thing I hate to eat there is, the amount of Seagulls looking at my food. I had to protect the food and myself from them. It's not an easy job as they are super smart!

Ended the post with my current addiction- Camwhoring in the Car.


Mom bought bro a diary with a lock, he hangs the key on his neck and said:

"I'm 21 years old because I have the key *showed the world the key*"

I was like


Swan Valley

Went to Swan Valley for a day trip with the girls last last weekend. We first stopped at the chocolate factory then had lunch in Elmar's in the Valley. We were lucky to get a table as it was fully booked. Then we went for ice-cream, visited winery and walked around Whiteman Park. Ended the day with Korean BBQ- Tong86 in the city. Here's some pics of that day.