Grandma visits...

with Grandma

I've been busy bringing Grandma around Perth these few weeks.
(we prefer to dine out rather than chilling on the beach as the weather's too hot for outdoor activities).
Grandma and the eldest sister love pizza and hence we headed to one of Perth's best pizza place @ Little Caesars for dinner.

The Asian pose

Banana caramel macadamia Dessert Pizza yum

My little brother.

Besides having pizza, we also went to Choux cafe for lunch and dessert (still a dessert freak).
In fact, I went there twice in a week (with Catherine).
This is what I had:
Tomato Pissaladiere with my usual Latte
and this (scroll down) is really yummy!
Reine Margor- Carribean Mousse with Mango and Pineapple

At home, we made Coconut Spread which taste best with toasted bread + butter. 

Then we went for Japanese Mango Ice (as light as snow!)

The next day, Mom's friend treated us with SO MANY FOOD we left Modo Mio @ Burswood with a bloated tummy. I didn't take pictures of the main courses because I thought it was rude. But then I couldn't not take pictures of the pretty desserts. hehe!
Sour and Sweet Seafood Soup to boost our appetite.

Tiramisu- Traditional Italian mascarpone cake

Panna cotta con fragole marinate all’aceto balsamicoe basilico
Traditional Italian custard, strawberry marinated in aged balsamic vinegar, basil

Zuccotto- Dome shaped “zuccotto” sponge cake, chocolate, almond& candied fruit.

what else? The usual- Latte

Days after, another friend of Mom's treated us for dinner @ Heavenly Plate.
(It's a vegetarian restaurant.) Yes their chicken tasted like REAL CHICKEN but I was a vegan and am able to differentiate fake and real meat. Still very yummy though! :)
Baby Blue Menu.

I had 'Chicken' Satay.

Finally, yesterday with Catherine @ Atomic Cafe Claremont.
Dropped by Choux Cafe to takeaway some desserts beforehand.

Pink Drink- Lemon Lime Bitters.
Classic Burger yum yum.
Gianduja- Hazelnut chocolate and feuillantine.

Millefeuille: Citron- Framboise (lemon- raspberry)

My fav bracelets! 

Looks great when paired with my 'only watch'.

Till then..xx