Pictures of Nepal (cont.)

Some pictures from my trip to Nepal months ago. 
I love waking up to a chilly breathtaking scenery drinking a cup of hot Nepali Tea,
visiting large shrines, listening to the sound of prayers,
exploring the culture and just enjoying my time.

Butter tea in the Main Shrine in Namo Buddha, 

Painters painting the wall with natural stone paint,

Large Buddha Statues everywhere,

Monks praying,

Sun rise/ sun set,

Large dragon door knobs,

Splash of rainbow colors.

-Pictures are not edited-

Visitor in Perth! :)


A friend who's living in New Zealand came to visit Perth (me!) In November.
We only met up for a day because I had work commitments but it was good catching up with him reminiscing about the good old days spent in Taiwan where we met each other along with a bunch of other friends :)
Here are some pictures of Fremantle that he took.

Freo Town House.

Walked around the market, Maritime Museum, Roundhouse etc and 
had lunch in Little Creatures (they are always full). 
 Food wasn't exceptionally good. 
In fact, we waited for more than half an hour for our pizza! So angry we wanted to get a refund!
Was the driver for the day hence no alcohol for me :) 
(they have good beer there)


Beef Burger

Pizza and the beer for him

Nom noming by the sea.

Bali Photo Diary 4

I'm having major problems with Blogger recently.
Wrote up a complete post 3 days ago and when I hit publish, 
thousands of CODES came out instead!
Been trying to upload pictures after my post disappeared but it wouldn't let me.
So frustrated I waited until now to upload them one by one.

Anyway back to the main point... 


Here are some pictures I promised to show you all.
I shall start with the Restaurant where I had breakfast everyday + Dinner.
The amount of food I had, every morning in Bali is equivalent to two breakfasts I have in Perth.
Pancakes everyday.
Bread and Jam + Fruit Juice
Main meal (A choice of American, Continental or Balinese.) with fruits
American Breakfast with omelet.
Balinese spicy fried noodles.
and more fruits!

and a choice between tea or Balinese coffee. (tasted like Korean Rice Tea.)
I prefer my coffee with milk :) do you?

The restaurant in the Morning.

Night View. :)

 Pictures of the pools.

Tea time by the pool :)


And Lastly, the room! :)
Villa Mathis
 Most of the things in this Villa is French. Had to ask them to print out English Versions for everything!
I should really learn some basic French language.

A mini balcony outside the room.
   Before I end this post I have to share some pictures that I did not share with you in the previous posts.
We went for a very ticklish Fish spa where we fed the fishes our dead skins :)
Fish Spa!
Free coffee(s) for me! End up counting sheepS in bed! LOL

Mani Pedi wasn't good at all! They were so rough at doing things! My fingers and feet hurt so badly!

Before leaving, went for a Full body massage + body scrub (that hurts alot too.)
The massage in the Villa was HEAPS better (a lot dearer) than the ones you get outside in the city.
Then spent some time in a reflexology in the airport doing neck and head massages whilst waiting to board the plane.

Isn't it the best (relaxing) way to end this trip?

Sea of clouds on the way back to Perth. Miss Bali Already!