Bali Photo Diary 2


Went for green tea latte and had some fast food before heading out to Ubud on the second day of the trip.
Bought some coffee cups to use at work and received some free drinks! *yayers!*
Starbucks coffee are really VERY different than the ones that I usually get here. 
They should consider bringing Starbucks into Australia. :)
Oh and I compared prices of some products like O.P.I nail polish and Croc shoes.
Turned out that it's cheaper to get them in Australia :)
Worried about the weather as usual and had to hurry up to visit everything before the sky decided to rain again!

Root Beer Float, Curly Fries and Fried Golden Chicken! (Had A&W everyday!)
Drove around and visited places like Gold and Silversmith, wood carving, traditional Balinese house and Coffee Luwak which is quite different from the normal coffee. 
Spent most of the late evening (before it started raining again) in Goa Gajah (elephant cave) and get cheated by the locals! 
I thought the guy was so kind he gave us free tour around the place. 
Walked us through the streams and stairs but in the end he said 'give me something'. 

This is the entrance to the elephant cave.
It's a tiny little cave that Majapahit (read about him in History Class back in Malaysia) and his people did their prayers.

Rocks that was suppose to be a big Buddha Statue.

The rare and precious orange dwarf coconut.

Before Goa Gajah I went for lunch at a place so magnificent I didn't want to leave.
Sat opposite the paddy fields breathing in the fresh air, moments after that IT RAINED AGAIN!
Joni Resto in Ubud
I had their famous crispy duck for lunch + 20% tax. Gotta pay for that view!

Went back to the Villa for a swim and then dinner.
Will update again tomorrow.

Stay tuned.


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  10. Chrissi: OMG They dont sell it in london? They should! It's awesome!

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