Bali Photo Diary 3

Ancient Water Feature outside the temple.

Remember on the first post that I missed out on Taman Ayun Temple?
Well on the second last day of the trip,
I stood outside the temple for 10 minutes and left before it started to pour again.
Since I didn't get a chance to get a full 360 degree view of the temple, it'll be on my list for my next visit!

 Well the plan for the day was to spend the evening in Tanah Lot as it's famous for the Sunset.
But my tour guide warned me about the amount of 'tourists' that will disallow me from taking nice pictures and of course, TRAFFIC JAM + RAIN.
Hence, we left an hour early, spent 10 minutes in Taman Ayun Temple, had a short tea break along the way before arriving at Tanah Lot.

Tanah Lot (A temple by the sea) Zoomed right in hence there's not much people in the pic.

 The view at Tanah Lot was magnificent but I couldn't be more exited when I saw these Klepon!  
Here are some information about them.  
The melted palm sugar bursts in my mouth (when I bite them). YUM YUM!
My family calls it Coconut Bomb.

Here's how it looks like with coconut shavings.

The woman that sells it happily posed for a picture! :)

Wet paper flowers.

This young man's selling little plastic birds that I used to play when I was little.
It felt good to think about my 'childhood' back in the days. :)
Bought some for my younger siblings.
This is how it looked like opened. It can fly pretty far like a kite only with no strings attached!
 After that we decided to get something to eat around Tanah Lot.
Well, gotta pay for that VIEW again. LOLS!
Good old steamed rice.
Another giant coconut to drink!

Garlic Prawns and Kang kung ( Vegetables)

Sweet and Sour Fish.

Sat opposite this view. Remember the view yesterday?

Up closed.
Part of the reason it cost so much was because it was calculated per gram not per dish plus the 20% tax that we couldn't seem to avoid. 

Back to the villa.
We had a full body massage each and then dinner at the Villa. (So much food that day!)
Slept with a tummy full of yummy-ness and had late breakfast the next day.
Night View at the Restaurant in the Villa.

Bread and Butter for appetizer 

Spring rolls with fresh vegetables for Entree (the portion was huge and I was already full!)

Main dish- Chicken satay with rice and prawn cracker.

Desserts- Coconut Wrap + Vanilla ice-cream in caramel sauce.

Soon I'm going to share with you some pictures I took of the villa in Seminyak, Bali.
Who wouldn't love to have room service twice in a day?
Stay tuned!


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