Visitor in Perth! :)


A friend who's living in New Zealand came to visit Perth (me!) In November.
We only met up for a day because I had work commitments but it was good catching up with him reminiscing about the good old days spent in Taiwan where we met each other along with a bunch of other friends :)
Here are some pictures of Fremantle that he took.

Freo Town House.

Walked around the market, Maritime Museum, Roundhouse etc and 
had lunch in Little Creatures (they are always full). 
 Food wasn't exceptionally good. 
In fact, we waited for more than half an hour for our pizza! So angry we wanted to get a refund!
Was the driver for the day hence no alcohol for me :) 
(they have good beer there)


Beef Burger

Pizza and the beer for him

Nom noming by the sea.


  1. wish i was there! :D :D okay, i'm gonna save some money and visit perth (you!) and have my pictures posted here! hohohohoho :)

  2. ZL: yup u should do that!
    Ave: Aw thanks! :)

  3. lol miss lai, you should!! but Perth(her!) needs to think of where to get vegan food, tell Perth(her!) in advance.

  4. love it!!!

  5. Oh yah! Perth has heaps of vegetarian food dont worry!