It's time to let someone knock me on the head to remind me that I've had enough shoes.

Namo Buddha Part 3

Some pictures I took before, during and after dawn which started around 6am.
Had to wake up early to prepare myself for breakfast and morning prayers.

Loved the tone and mood mother earth gave out on those mornings.

Btw, the icey Himalaya Mountains were behind the buildings, hence, no pics of it.

I forgotten the name of this dish.
But it's beans + curry + bread

Namo Buddha Part 2

Sorry for not updating this blog as frequent as I should.
This time,
I'm gonna show you Namo Buddha's surroundings.
It does not have sky scrapers but they are living in a very very traditional way.

A cow in a dark room.
(I used flash in this pic cuz it's really dark.)
People in Nepal stay with their animals- goats, chickens, cows, dogs.

Ancient candle holders.

There's a story behind this stupa.
It's related to the tigers.

Ancient Buildings.

Bro having instant noodles.

Prayer Beads fresh from the tree. (pictures above)