White Sands

Hey hey.
It's been long since I updated this space hasn't it?

Well, the weather was so good (sunny days during winter!) that my friends and I decided to go to one of the well known beaches in Perth called Cottesloe Beach. We left home at around 10 and stopped for breakfast in an Italian Cafe, Choux near that area. (I was actually craving for those sweet little cuties.) We wanted to swim but the weather was extremely cold plus windy! Had no choice but to warm myself with a thick jacket. Shu Hwa is afraid of water due to some 'childhood memories' but I think she had fun running away from the waves while Suet Mei enjoyed walking on crystal clear water.

Cold water + Cold strong winds = It's still winter.

Will definitely visit the beach during Summer.


  1. The ang moh dudes walk past you. But none of them bother to check you out......Awwwwwww. Its alrite.