Shopping in Nepal

Spent the last days shopping + eating around the City.
Love the street markets all along the Stupa and the square.
We also had dinner in Dad's friends' house where we had yoghurt made from Buffalo Milk. 
They follow strict tradition where guests and the elders are to have dinner together while the younger ones have to wait for their turns. 
Really unusual and unexpected.
Here are some pictures that I took of the food and the markets whilst waiting for Mom to bargain with the seller.



  1. Wow!! I've never been in Nepal or any place around there but always wished to!! Beautiful pics, now I wish even more I could go there =)

  2. Thank you! Yes you should go there! It's really different from other places :)

  3. nice pics!!I invite you to visit my blog and if you like it to follow me from google friends and i will be happy to follow you!
    xoxo from italy
    A_C'est moi

  4. woww, you were in nepal? that sounds incredible! lovely photos


  5. wow looks so fun! amazing post :) thanks for sharing with us!

  6. Ohh, the markets truly look incredible! <3 I am oh-so envious!

    Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

  7. the food looks so delish! xx