Thank you.

A brown tiered bench under the tree beside our school toilet, that was where I first met you.
We barely knew each other till form 4 where we got into the same class, that was when we got closer, where you used to tease me for being a blurry sleepyhead in class :)

It's all because, u're well-known for your vociferous laugh that never fails to turn our whole class upsidedown.
It's all because, I cherish you for always making the effort to meet up despite me being the most excellent pilot on earth, taking you on plane rides for 343829352439 times haha (you get what I mean don't you? mehehe) #FAILBIGTIME! trillion apologies missychuah. I never did turned up for planned gatherings and it ended up with some random meet-ups which wasn't bad afterall right right right? :)
Funny how we meet barely once a year and we could yap non-stop on every meet-ups.
It's all because, you're one of my close-est friend who I find, really easy to talk to.
For one reason or another, I could just blab anything to you without the hesitation of keeping anything in.
and one more thing, u're never once snobbish although u're a richbuttchuah :)
despite obstacles that were stumbled upon you just recently, you stayed strong, and your perseverance amazed me.

It's your birthday!
Hence hereby wishing you a blessed 21st,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY u're officially illegal hahaha and don't be jealous coz Im still in my teenagehood huehuehue :D
and no matter whenever it is, wherever you are,
i'll be there. perhaps not physically, but remember, there's always a listening ear right here to share your joy & sorrow :)

All the very best in your future undertakings. Stay strong and do him proud, ladychuah.

It's all because, this's a friendship that I really cherish.
It's all because, me loves you longgggggg time :) xx

Because that's what friends are always here for

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