Kathmandu Pt 1

Last December my family and I flew to the Himalayas for 7 days.
This is my 2nd visit to this country after 12 years.
Here are some of the pictures I took when we first touched down the holy land.
It's similar to my hometown, Ipoh- mountains and hills, only more mountains and hills in Nepal.
I will be showing you my entire trip in different posts as there are more than a thousand pictures in the disc.
You just have to be patient :)

The icey cold Himalayas in the far distance.
(It looks like floating clouds.)

Karma Pema welcomed us with his big smile and guided us to the car and the hotel.
The Airport was extremely crowded- very common in Asian Countries.

Hotel Ngudrup.

The airport is in Kathmandu and the hotel is in Boudha,
pronounced as Bao Da.
(it's located approximately 15 minutes away from the airport without traffic jam).

The hotel's website.
It's near to the stupa plus... shoppingg!!!!

The hotel is small, warm and comfy enough for us to stay for some night.
Their staff members are very friendly.
They made us breakfast too! :)

Then, Nepali lunch in one of the few clean/ hygienic restaurants in Baudha.
*tummy screaming for food*

Spot my brother's WAI SEK (greedy) face!


My all time favourite Nepali Tea which taste similar to Teh Tarik.

Momoe, Dumplings in English.

I was amazed at their decorations/ interior design.
It's very different from the streets outside of the restaurant.

After that,
we went to a nearby monastry to visit a monk (Lama Thutop) who was living in Ipoh.
And here's the awesome view from his bed room.
Boudha Stupa, one of the sacred places in Nepal.

There is a story behind this STUPA which I will post soon.

We headed to Namo Buddha (a hill just opposite the Himalayas) on the 2nd day.

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