Food Hunt. Failed.

Some months ago (Found pictures of the food in my archive),
Shwong and I had this macaron craze and decided to search the whole Perth for the round babies.
Our second attempt was a restaurant in Cottesloe that sells imported macarons from France.
We were expecting colorful treats but to our disappointment,
they stopped importing them since a month ago.

Hence, we decided to try other things in the restaurant.
Since everything in the menu's in French.
We asked the waiter what's good.
He recommended Duck Parfait.

Shwong hated it because she knows how they made these.
I don't know the process so I can stand the smell and taste of it.
And I forced her to eat half of it cuz I can't have anymore.

You guys should see her expression when swallowing.
Super funny can die.

Salmon thinggy.
(forgot the name)

Months passed and I reminded Shwong bout the Goose Parfait
(when we were enjoying our Korean food.)
She immediately lost her appetite.


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