How I spend my Free time.

Not shopping but Knitting.

Some friends asked me how I spend my very free time *hint* and I knit all day.
I even get scolded by mom because I'm addicted to it.
I knit everywhere I go.

A long scarf took me 2 weeks.
A long sleeve top took me 1 1/2 months.

Roast porkk lookalike!

I put them on the dining table and grandma was like, get a basket for all of these.
But I dun want a basket.
IT's too grandmas.

What urged me to do this?
One day, I saw my friends who're studying fashion knitting in front of me.
She said it's so easy and fun but boring because it's repetitive.
And I was like omgg so interesting.
I'm going to learnnn.
And when I went back,
I had so much free time I don't know what to do.
Even mom was shocked when I told her that I wanna take knitting classes.

Thanks Mom and my teachers.

first five pictures- ASOS


  1. They are gorgeous.. well done babe
    Keep it up
    love it <3

  2. thanks babeh. see u on friday if I decided to go :)