On Monday night I had a catch up session with Jia Min.
(our history dates back to 1995.)
The last time we spoke face-to-face was in the airport =.=
Other than that,
everything was done through the computer or on the phone.

Ever since both of us started working,
there ain't time to sit down and actually talk.

Back to Monday night,
Drove to Fremantle (because it's near our house) for dinner and I was craving for hot Milk Chocolate.

Went for Pizza @ Sandrino Cafe and Pizzeria.

Our Entree was Bruschetta,

Don't really like the huge chunks of tomatoes.
They should chop them smaller.
Jia min didn't had any of the tomatoes and if they were smaller in size, she would have had some of em.

Prawn Pizza.
(forgotten the actual name.)
Love the super super juicy prawns. :)

And here's Jia Min's awkward smile.
Milk Hot Chocolate at San Churro.

After that we went home and did some online shopping.
We clicked onto the 'Order' button so many times that,
we lost count of the things we purchased.

Some homework to do-
Review and hopefully, delete some items on the Order list.


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