It's been three months since I last sat down and type everything that's on my mind.

Will update quickly before I head off for dinner.

Classes started @ UNI and it's my last semester for the degree.
*Imagining myself wearing a regalia*

It's time again, to decide which path to take after graduating.
(Just like completing Year 12.)

Well, it's the middle of winter in Australia- rain and wet almost everyday.
Wrapped myself with chunky woolen scarf *click*

Middle of winter,
and the flowers blossomed @ my garden.

Drove all the way up North to the Aquarium of Western Australia.
And the only thing that caught my eyes were the Daisy corals.
Love the colors and textures on them.

Current favourite watch from HONG KONG
(bought around 9 years ago.)
Wore it with a blue beaded bracelet from China which was a gift from Aunt.
I promise to update this space as often as I can!

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