I scream!

 Craved for waffles from Gelare right after uni today. 

Popped into the nearest cafe at Karawara and saw a bucket of Green Tea flavored ice-cream in the ice-cream display. *Insisted on getting a scoop of it*
Added a scoop of cookies and cream with the usual toppings of waffle syrup and fresh cream.

Whoever came up with the idea of combining waffles with ice-cream is a genius.

I like to spread the ice-cream, fresh cream and syrup evenly.
*I know it looks disgusting but I like having an evenly proportion of them in every bite.*


  1. YUMMMMEH! I always smear it across too! But I never get waffles unless its Tuesday, I'm too cheap :P Cookies and cream is definitely the best ice cream to go with it too, nice choice :)

    In the words of Nora... you so fiet xD

  2. Thanks David. Yes I am getting fietter and fietter day by day!
    I usually get waffles on Tuesdays as well but can't wait for next Tues! still so long to go!