Sunday afternoon

Drove all the way up North with my friend, Catherine to Claremont Quarter, drooling for a slice of chocolate cake.  
Our plan was to have a light lunch so that there's room for desserts.
But the portion for our 'light lunch' turned out to be more than we expected.
Wouldn't want to ruin our plan- we insisted on getting desserts from Koko Black.

Winter menu 
( They change their menu every season.)

To drink, 
Catherine opted for Chamellia Organic Tea in English Breakfast.

While I needed some caffeine- Iced Coffee
(Vanilla ice cream and chocolate shavings woots!!!)

 For desserts *excited*,
we both shared a plate of Chocolate Moelleux.
(It's famous in France!)

 When the waitress placed the plate on our table, 
our eyes were like   0.0   because it's too pretty.

Took so many pictures of it in different angles *snap snap snap* and decided to start tasting them when the ice cream started to melt.

Since it's my fist time having them, I didn't know that there's-
melted chocolate from the center of the cake.

Talked for more than an hour about uni, work, family....
and decided it's time to go home!


  1. Hi Li,
    Your photos are great! I'll have to visit Koko Black soon!

  2. Hey Cathy, thank you and yes you should go there and try their chocolate moelleux. They were awesome! :)


  3. finally some update from u too :P
    and why taken down the cbox? too many spam huh?

  4. Yes! I got spammed heaps and so, decided it's time to let it go! :)

  5. great photos! :)

  6. Mouth-watering photography - Iced coffee and chocolate desserts - my favourites.

  7. Hi Kaz! They are my favourite too! :)