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Did you had a chance to skim through the news article entitled ‘How to control Hunger Pangs’ (Topham, 2011) which was featured on The Sunday Times over the weekend? The article basically explored on the reasons behind food cravings and ways to control it. It encourages us to enjoy desserts in a smaller portion as well as to live a healthy lifestyle.

  • -Hunger is caused by the brain where it reminds us of how many hours ago since we last ate. (However, the gurgling noise is caused by the tummy.)
  • -Your appetite is linked to your genes. 
  • -Food cravings are linked to emotions and feelings.  
  • -Some people like me, feel satisfied after having desserts. That’s the reason why I never    feel full without it. 
  • - Lack of concentration while eating causes hunger too. 
  • - In order to control your cravings, start by eating in small portion. (Practise makes perfect?)
When I enter French pastries shop, I often notice that French pastries always come in small portion. I guess that’s the reason behind healthier and slimmer French women. They consume as much (maybe more) dairy, wheat and vegetables as us but they look better. For more information about their diet please click here and here.   

Macarons and Mango Cake from Jean Pierre Sancho, Perth City

Ways to enjoy desserts in a smaller portion.
  • ·         Eating out.
Feel like a piece of sticky date pudding or a vanilla ice cream after your main dish? Well you can control your diet by sharing it with a friend or between members of the family.
  • ·         At home.

Bake muffins instead of cakes, bake smaller portion of cookies, scoop out a scoop of ice cream and place it in a bowl instead of eating from the tub. (Eat them with a teaspoon instead of tablespoon.) This will avoid consuming too much and you will feel fuller faster.

scanned images from The Sunday Times- 14 August 2011.


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