Brought Mom and her friend to The Secret Garden Cafe for brunch, then to Jean Pierre Sancho for desserts.

Wanted to be in the city as early as possible (avoid traffic, and get the best parking spot) but had to drop little brother off to school first.

Hence, we drove around in circles just to get A SPOT to park.

Then, took us 15 minutes to reach the cafe because Mom and her friend (typical housewives), window shopped, talked and exchanged views whilst walking slowly.

Anyway, I shall stop whinging.

Mom ordered (very healthy) BIRCHER MUESLI
*soaked in apple and guava juice with yoghurt, vanilla honey and poached pear*
The presentation of this dish wasn't spectacular but it tasted good- Mom loved it.

Mom's friend, I call her Aunty, wanted coffee only.
[it's part of Chinese culture (tradition) where you refer people who are elder than you (married) as aunty or uncle] 

So we both ordered FLAT WHITE.

To eat, I chose Benedict.
*Poached eggs with shaved ham and house made hollandaise*

Trust me, this is my first time having Benedict (I'm a loser!) and I would love it more if the portion is bigger!

Maybe that's the reason why we happily went for desserts at Jean Pierre Sancho-
Didn't had a chance to bring mom here (promised her ages ago!) and today was the best day to go as I noticed some changes in their menu.

 Mom and Aunty opted for chicken salad and squid black ink bread.

I wasn't interested in any of their bread display.

My gaze was focused on the cakes/desserts display the entire time.

I have to admit that it took me awhile to decide between chocolate pudding or La Fraise but finally decided to go for La Fraise.

Too pretty and attractive to eat!

Strawberry mousse, cookie and hazelnut base with a layer of strawberry glaze and almond flakes. *two thumbs up* 

 Overall, we thought that the combination of soft and smooth with crunchy nuts blend well together.  
The mousse had a sour tinge but the strawberry glaze would taste better if it's less sweet.
The cookies and Hazelnut base was awesome- reminded me of Cadbury Hazelnut.

Mom didn't sat down for long.
She was busy selecting breads to bring home for the siblings.

To end this post,
I shall assume that my breakfast for tomorrow is BREAD.


  1. oh my god: looking at your food pics i became hungry :):) i want those eggs!! and bircher muesli, that i have never heard of but i feel that is yummy!!:)

  2. Hi! you should try them! SO yummy! And yes you will feel hungry after reading my posts! HEHE!
    Go get something to munch on!